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This game was developed in a 48-hour game jam which theme was "The Art of David Lynch".
We recently lost our friend Gustavo. So, we decided to make a game that he had designed. 
The idea is runner game with fast reaction to obstacles. The player need to change between three characters inspired by Jokenpo and each character had a special ability.
The game you are about to play has the same mechanics but fitted to the theme. We add a meta layer to talk about the pressure in workspaces, especially in game development. We had the pretentious to imagine how David Lynch would portray this reality.
The hand that's controlled by the player represents the worker and the labor. The enemy that chases you is the virtual pressure that companies puts workers with deadlines and abuse. The setting is a vintage office with some references to David Lynch movies.

'Z' and 'X' to change the pose of the hand.
Scissors = fast and cuts soft obstacles
Paper = middle speed and floats in air
Rock = slow speed and pushes hard obstacles
Hope you enjoy it!


TheHandMan.zip 91 MB

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